What is PODD?

A PODD (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display) is a book or device containing symbols and words that support users with communication difficulties in communicating with their communication partners, such as caregivers, family, friends and professionals. PODD is actually an example of assisted communication, and it was developed by speech therapist Gayle Porter. PODD can be used by anyone who needs support in communication, whether it's language comprehension or language expression. It is designed in such a way that it can be personalized for users of different ages.

What does PODD mean?

PODD is a way of organizing a vocabulary of words and symbols in a communication book or device that has the ability to reproduce speech. The goal of PODD is to provide a person with easy and practical use of vocabulary in different situations, talking about various topics. The selection of words and symbols in PODD is possible via the mouse cursor, by looking, by touching or by a combination of these methods.

Depending on the situation we are in, we will use appropriate gestures, facial expressions, phrases, words or even writing. In the same way, a person with communication difficulties can use different methods of communication, including PODD, depending on what seems most appropriate to them at the time.

PODD Communication Books: Direct Access Templates

This comprehensive resource provides detailed information and a range of templates to support the creation and use of PODD communication books. It offers experts in practice a series of guidelines for creating a communication book and a description of comprehensive strategies that enable the use of this communication system in a child's daily life - at home, at school and in the community.

This software is intended for people who support children who are just starting to learn how to communicate using symbols (pictograms, graphic symbols, written words). Therapists, teachers and parents have access to materials that will be of great help to their users, children and young people.

What does the software contain?

All templates can be customized using Boardmaker software.

What's on the CDs?

PODD Communication Books: Alternative Access Templates

The software, which contains templates for alternative access to words and symbols in communication books, is primarily intended for people who have motor disabilities that make it difficult for them to accurately point to words in a communication book, and for people who can see symbols and manage the visual complexity of the entire page to find the symbol that they need it.

This software contains 22 templates that provide an alternative approach and facilitate the use of the communication book for people who have the ability to manage their vision, who need the support of a communication partner in scanning the options, and for people for whom the use of the communication book can facilitate color coding.