Our Mission: Communication, Education, Socialization

Creating Inclusive Communities​

Our Community Inclusion program has been developed to ensure all people with Autism are able to participate in recreational, leisure, and community events. We work with families, individuals with Autism, as well as community organisations and businesses to increase opportunities and inclusion in the community for all.

Our Community Inclusion program supports families and individuals with Autism by:

  • Providing information about accessible programs in the community
  • Facilitating special sensory events
  • Providing resources and information to prepare for visiting community events and organisations

We also work with various community organisations and businesses to:

  • Upskill staff through Autism-specific training and coaching
  • Support in making appropriate accommodations and adaptions to facilitate inclusion and participation in their programs and facilities
  • Provide ongoing consultation, support, resources and information to increase access and inclusion for all 

This project is part of the WA State Disability Strategy 2020-2030 and is made possible with the support of the Department of Communities.

You can find out more about this program by clicking on the tabs below. You’ll be able to find resources, social stories, news & events, as well as information regarding how to get involved. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Inclusive.Communities@autism.org.au.

Resources for Places in the Community

Are you looking for an activity or event in your community?

We have supported many local businesses and organisations through training, resource development, and direct consultation. Check out the range of resources we have developed to support you with visiting these local venues and events.