Boardmaker® is a collection of software packages for creating and working with pictorial communication symbols (PCS). It is used by teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists and teachers and parents of children with special needs.

You can use Boardmaker® as a catalog of ready-made symbols to copy, cut, duplicate and print. However, you can use it like any other drawing program. Draw, paint, print letters, draw lines, characters, insert simple and complex shapes, delete and cut, and thus create your own new symbols or supplement and change existing ones.

Boardmaker® also offers you ready-made patterns for making games, templates for making cards and templates for communicators, stacking arrays and much more. You can learn to count by writing symbols, play word guesses, make thematic groups of symbols or learn a foreign language.

Why not play with your symbols and improve the level of communication even more? You can add animations, sound and different video materials to them. Finally, with the help of Boardmaker®, you can turn your computer into a speech-generating device.

You can choose from several different Boardmaker programs:

Boardmaker® 7

Boardmaker® 7 is the latest edition of the famous software for creating communication templates. Created for new generation computers, modern design and intuitive interface enables easy use and creation of materials. It combines all the best features of previous versions in one software and replaces them.