People with disabilities who start work at a new workplace or people who return to their old workplace after the onset of disability most often need support through workplace adaptation.

One of the biggest problems could arise when accessing and working on a computer using a standard keyboard and computer mouse. That's why we want to present you several products from a wide range of devices that make computer access available to everyone.

For people with hand motor difficulties there are control balls or trackball devices. Working with the trackball requires minimal muscle strength, and the hand can lie relaxed on the ergonomically designed stand. Even the slightest touch of the ball will turn into a precise movement of the cursor on the screen.

Joystick n-ABLER Pro is also a device that replaces a standard computer mouse when working with a computer. When operating with the tip of the finger, hand movements are quite small, so joint and elbow fatigue is minimal. An additional advantage of this device is the function that compensates for the impact of tremors intended for people with tremors or involuntary muscle contractions. It is adjusted  using a button, and can be chosen between three levels, for weaker or stronger tremor compensation.

For control and access to the computer, there is the IntegraMouse Plus, a unique computer mouse with which control of the computer is possible only with the movement of the mouth, or the gyroscopic mouse Quha Zono , which uses a gyroscopic sensor to detect rotational motion and translate it into the movements of the computer mouse pointer. Thus, fine movements of the head will be converted into moving the pointer on the screen.

From the rich range of Tobii Dynavox products, we will highlight the eye tracking devices PCEye Mini or PCEye Plus. With their help, you can control your computer or tablet using only your eyes. Return to the world of hands-free communication, research and entertainment. It is enough to direct your gaze to a certain part of the screen, and the eye tracking device will make sure that you do exactly what you wanted; connect to the Internet, write an email and create a document or presentation.