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Autism Alert Card

New Autism Alert Card Now Available To Support People With Autism In Emergency Situations

The Autism Association of Western Australia and WA Police have teamed up to launch a new Autism Awareness initiative to help individuals with Autism when they encounter any situations with police and first responders..

About this Card

The Autism Alert Card will alert emergency services that the person carrying the card has Autism and may require additional support. It emphasises that the Autism Alert cardholder may have difficulties in communicating and may show signs of unusual behaviour. It also includes two named contacts who can offer their support to help emergency and public services to understand better the individual with Autism’s needs.

The Autism Alert Card is not a Government Identification Card. WA Police Officers have the right to request additional identity documents (driver’s licence, passport, etc). The Autism Alert Card cannot be used to prove your Autism diagnosis for any purpose.

The cardholders agree to use this card solely and explicitly to identify themselves as being someone who needs help in an emergency and to gain access to their emergency contact, and no other purpose.


There is a small cost associated with this card to cover administration and postage. Each card is $5.00.


You need to have a diagnosis of Autism when you apply for an Autism Alert Card. It is not a requirement to provide proof of official diagnosis to obtain the Autism Alert Card. The card provides no additional incentives other than to inform the police and first responders that you have Autism and you may require additional support during stressful situations.

International applications will not be processed.

How to apply?

If you or an individual you know has Autism, you can order an Autism Alert card online

Before you begin, make sure to have a high-quality passport style photo and details of two emergency contacts ready to upload. A separate application will need to be made for each individual card holder.

Firstly, select the number of copies you would like to purchase for the cardholder and complete the payment process for the card/s.

Once you have made payment, you will be directed to complete an application form for that individual so do not close the browser until you have completed and submitted the application form.

For technical support, please contact us at autismalertcard@autism.org.au

Once the card holder’s photo has been uploaded and all details are completed in the application form, we will send the card to your nominated postal address. 

How to use this card?

You should carry the Autism Alert Card at all times and can use this card when seeking help, in the situation of an emergency, or when you need to explain your disability to emergency and public services. You can present your Autism Alert Card to police, ambulance, hospital, and other public service professionals to ensure you are treated fairly and provided with the appropriate level of support.

Have you misplaced or lost your Autism Alert card?

Please send us an email at autismalertcard@autism.org.au to request a replacement card at a cost of $5.00.


We recommend renewing the card every 5 years for children and every 10 years for individuals over 18 years old

Processing times

Processing time for an Autism Alert Card will take approximately 14 working days. Your application might take longer to process if the application form is not completed fully.

Privacy Statement

The Autism Association of Western Australia obtains and processes personal and sensitive information relating to those who apply for the Autism Alert Card. We do this to assist us in the administration of the Autism Alert Card service. The personal/sensitive information includes identifiers such as name, date of birth and gender. This information will not be shared with the police, emergency and public services without the consent of the individual with Autism or their family. We will hold your information on our systems until you advise us that you no longer wish to use the card and return it to us.

Disclaimer: The Autism Association of Western Australia is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the Autism Alert card.