What is Grid 3?

Grid 3 is communication software from the company Smartbox that helps people with disabilities to communicate, control their environment and use a computer. It is supported on the Windows platform, easy to install and use.

It can be used in several ways:

Simple editing

Creating and customizing content in Grid 3 is simple and intuitive. You can accomplish everything from editing cells to creating entire grids in just a few clicks. You can make changes very quickly on the go using the touch-sensitive interface.

Endless possibilities

Whether you're new to assistive technology or a technology expert, Grid 3 will support your daily activities, providing you with ready-made kits to get you started.

The power of your voice

Grid 3 software enables advanced communication aids; converting text and symbols into speech. It features a wide variety of voices that can be customized to create a voice that's yours.

Be in touch with people around the world

With the tools available for email, Skype and social networks like Facebook, you can stay in touch with family, friends or colleagues around the world.

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