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Assistive Technology (AT) is an umbrella term for any piece of equipment, software program or system that provides practical solutions to everyday life activities. We understand the need for people to live their potential regardless of their limitations. At AAC Assistive Technology, we know that assistive technology can improve, increase and maintain the functional capabilities of people with complex needs.

Assistive technology may be classified as a device or system that provides people with practical solutions to everyday life activities. They promote greater independence and safety by enabling people to perform tasks that they had difficulty with or were unable to accomplish on their own.

Our team of professionals seek to help those with complex needs to manage their way through life with ease using AT services. We help because we know and understand how difficult it can be to independently perform everyday activities.

AAC Assistive Technology can recommend and acquire a wide range of Assistive Technology products to support complex needs. This product database provided by the Independent Living Centre (ILC) is a good resource for providing product and supplier details world wide.

AAC Assistive Technology is here to support you through your whole assistive technology journey. That includes assessing your condition and eligibility for the different funding options.